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shiny is my box [♔]

and OH so PRETTY too ♥

Writings & Graphics [♔]
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icons, graphics, fanfiction
ONE. About Me
name J.J.
from: Taipei, Taiwan
graphic programs: Adobe Photoshop CS3, Adobe Photoshop 7.0, Image Ready
video programs: Sony Vegas Pro 8, Windows Media Player
writing programs: ...Writer?
TWO. The Graphics
+ Please credit waterpulse or shinyismybox.
+ Please do not direct link.
+ Please do not alter/repost without permission.
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THREE. The Writing
+ Unless otherwise stated, all the characters belong to their respective owners (and to themselves, in case of RPS). I generate no profit, this is purely for entertainment and self-expression.
+ Please do not plagiarize my writing, and this includes posting it anywhere else on the internet without my permission. Linking in is perfectly fine.
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+ Comments warm the cockles of my heart, but are completely optional.
+ Feel free to join/watch. :)
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