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Lingua Franca | Toni Kroos/James Rodriguez | Oneshot
Warnings: Nothing, actually. Written for 99liberty for the footy_ssanta Secret Santa.
→ AU; "a language that is adopted as a common language between speakers whose native languages are different", or: Toni is good a very specific number of things, and for everything he's terrible at, there is James.

Under the Big Top | Fernando Llorente/Alvaro Morata | Oneshot
Warnings: Non-graphic violence (accidental stabbing)
→ AU; In the shadow of the Old Lady at the dawn of the twentieth century, two knife throwers and an argument that gets out of hand.


If the Pieces Fit [Original] | Yeongha/Shindou | Oneshot
Notes: M/M, non-graphic sex
→ For 1sentence -- #11 - Birthday: "Maybe in Japan," Yongha replies, a predatory gleam in his eyes, "but here, you've been 'old enough' for four years."

The Bend in the Road [Original] | Yeongha/Shindou | WIP [09/?]
Warning: Post-Canon. Romance.
Shindou Hikaru is invited to Korea for an exchange program following the Hokuto Cup. Expansion on 'If the Pieces Fit'.


Who knows better than me (the warmth of your arms) | Kris/Tao | Oneshot
Warnings: Language. Porn. Minor angst.
Blanket Scenario AU; In which a series of mostly unfortunate events lead to Tao and Kris being trapped in a cabin during a blizzard.


We Come Right Round [Original] | Yunho/Jaejoong | Oneshot
warnings: Canon AU, Angst, Clocks
“If a clock could count down to the moment you meet your soul mate, would you want to know?”

There is no middle ground | Changmin/Jaejoong | Oneshot
Warnings: AU, Angst, Forced Cohabitation. Heavily inspired by Gummy’s MV for 남자라서 (As a Man).
They both asked for a single room. The universe said ‘no’.

Thirteen Moons Later | Yunho/Jaejoong | 02/?
Warnings: AU, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho Fusion. Romance.
Within twenty minutes of meeting Jaejoong, Jung Yunho sprints off the edge of a cliff and breaks his neck. Which, from most perspectives, is quite morbid indeed, and under different circumstances, this would be a very different story. But this is not a ghost story (though there are ghosts) nor is it a sad one (necessarily). If you see it through to the finish, you might even get a happy ending.

The Songs They Will Sing / Character Profiles | Yunho/Jaejoong | WIP [6/?]
Warnings: Game of Thrones Fusion AU. Action. Darkfic. Romance . Violence. Minor character death.
A prince without a kingdom, a lord without a name, and how how the two of them carve themselves into history.

More Than the Air I Breathe | Changmin/Jaejoong | Oneshot
Warnings: Photographer/Model AU. (mild) Angst. Romance. Porn.
In which Changmin is the wide-eyed rising star behind the camera and Jaejoong is the cynical model in front of it.

Even Under the Sky | Yunho/Jaejoong | WIP [1/2]
Warnings: Rooftop Prince AU. Fusion. Crack. Humor. Romance.
In which four time travelers from the distant past drop in on Kim Jaejoong's life and turn it upside-down because the universe was out to get him or something.

Friday I'm in Love [Original] | Changmin/Jaejoong | Oneshot
Warnings: Language, Porn, Dangerous amounts of fluff. For goldintheshadow @ _starcandy Christmas Exchange .
→ Chef/Waiter AU; In which Changmin goads Jaejoong into a relationship, or Jaejoong is easy in every sense of the word.


From This Moment On | Leo/N | Oneshot
Warnings: Graphic porn. Dom/sub and all its involved elements. Fluff. Minor angst.
→ Dom/sub AU; In which Leo is terrible with words and feelings, and then he finds someone who's okay with that.


Four Ways Spock Prime Did Not Want It To Go (and How It Went) [Original] | Gen | Oneshot
Warnings: None
"It was not my intention," Spock tells him, very old and very weary now, "to usurp for myself what should belong to my present."

Five Ways Kirk and Spock Did Not Meet (and One Way they Did) [Original] | General | Oneshot
Warnings: Fluff
“Really?” Jim crosses his arms. “Well…I drove a car off a cliff.”

Between Us and Them [Original] | Kirk/Spock | Complete
Warnings: Gen. Canon AU. Love. Friendship.
As he exits the Nexus, Jim realizes that Spock had thought him dead for 78 years, and wishes--only for a second--that he could correct the error. One second is enough.


Come As You Are [Original] | Alex/Hank | Oneshot
Warnings: AU. Fusion. Fairy Tale. Beauty and the Beast AU.
→ For this prompt. Alex is the beauty and Hank is the beast--at least on the outside.

Day by Day [Original] | Charles/Erik | Oneshot
Warnings: Futurefic, Angst. An Affair to Remember AU.
→ For this prompt. Erik discovers that Charles is in a wheelchair.

the home I call to you [Original] | Charles/Erik | Oneshot
Warnings: Canon AU. Angst.
→ For this prompt. How things might have changed (or remained the same) if Edie Lehnsherr had lived.

bless the broken road [Original] | Alex/girl!Hank | Oneshot
Warnings: Canon, Genderswap
Her father had wanted a boy. That’s where all the trouble had started.
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