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→ Warnings: Non-graphic violence.
→ Written for futbal_minibang.
→ AU; In the shadow of the Old Lady at the dawn of the twentieth century, two knife throwers and an argument that gets out of hand.

Fanmix by lunasenzanotte

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Warnings: Nothing, actually. Written for 99liberty for the footy_ssanta Secret Santa.
→ AU; "a language that is adopted as a common language between speakers whose native languages are different", or: Toni is good a very specific number of things, and for everything he's terrible at, there is James.

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Warnings: Language. Porn. Minor angst. For paranoiascreams @ sncj_santa Christmas Exchange (Originally posted here).
→ Blanket Scenario AU; In which a series of mostly unfortunate events lead to Tao and Kris being trapped in a cabin during a blizzard.

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k_challenges // iu // 20 in 20

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Challenge 20in20 IU Icons for k_challenges
Current Count 20/20 (Complete)

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Warnings: Language, Porn, Dangerous amounts of fluff. For goldintheshadow @ _starcandy Christmas Exchange (Originally posted here).
→ Chef/Waiter AU; In which Changmin goads Jaejoong into a relationship, or Jaejoong is easy in every sense of the word.

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Warnings: Game of Thrones Fusion AU. Action. Darkfic. Romance . Violence. Minor character death.
A prince without a kingdom, a lord without a name, and how how the two of them carve themselves into history.

Character Profiles | Fanart | Prologue | Previous Chapter

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Warnings: Rooftop Prince AU. Fusion. Crack. Humor. Romance.
In which four time travelers from the distant past drop in on Kim Jaejoong's life and turn it upside-down because the universe was out to get him or something.

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Warnings: (mild) Angst. Romance. Porn.
→ Photographer/Model AU; In which Changmin is the wide-eyed rising star behind the camera and Jaejoong is the cynical model in front of it.

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